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    Golf Tee Times in Willamsburg, Virginia

TIP #9: Proper Golf Etiquette

by Dr. Golf

This week, as a golf tip, my offering is about golf etiquette. I chose to d othis because not only should it be part of the learning process, but als obecause it becomes more and more apparent that too many golfers are not aware or just ignore that part of the game that is pure golf coursecourtesy and should be practiced during every round.

Next time you play, try to notice how many divots have not been replaced onyour fairways. If the person in front of you had replaced his/her divot, you would not have this awful lie that you now have. Give some thought to the people playing behind you and replace your divots. Just maybe the practice will become contagious.

Equally important, and maybe even more so, would be the practice of fixing ball marks on the putting surface. If you would fix your ball mark and one or two others, your playing partners will pick up the habit from you and eventually our greens will be in better condition.

And while we're at it, let's not forget the sand traps. Think of your thoughts when you find your ball in someone else's footprint. "UGLY". It takes 30 seconds,you've done the proper thing and maybe even set an example for your playing partners. And then again, just maybe the people behind you saw what you did.There's more!! Taking the few seconds it takes to keep "your" course in good playng condition will even give you the same time to settle down,and calm your nerves. It will give you time to think!!

Practice a little courtesy when you play. It could become"catching".

Questions? You are welcome to contact me at golfxr@usa.net. Remember, practice, practice, practice and after allit's a game. Have fun!!

Yours in Golf,
Dr. Golf

Any questions regarding the above or anything else can be mailed to: golfxr@usa.net or you may call 770-393-3069. Private lessons are available at a reasonable rate.

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