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    Golf Tee Times in Willamsburg, Virginia

TIP #5: Proper Ball Position:

by Dr. Golf

Improper ball position will cause erratic ball flight and it all depends upon the position of the club face at impact. Each golf club is made to do a specific job and is constructed accordingly.

With the ball set one inch to the right of your left heel, starting with the pitching wedge, the ball should appear just left of center of your stance. With each progressive club, the right foot moves to the right slightly until the clubface is square to the target line. Never is the clubface adjusted by the movement of your hands.

You can see this more readily if you do this now with a wedge and a three iron. Set up first with the wedge and then with the three iron without moving your feet. Notice that the 3 iron appears open. Simply move your right foot to the right until the 3 iron is square to the target line. Also be aware that because the 3 iron is longer, you will have to step back away from the ball to maintain the proper posture.

Questions? You are welcome to contact me at golfxr@usa.net. Remember, practice, practice, practice and after all it's a game. Have fun!!

Dr. Golf

Any questions regarding the above or anything else can be mailed to: golfxr@usa.net or you may call 770-393-3069. Private lessons are available at a reasonable rate.

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